Commemorating the 50th Anniversary for the Company's Foundation

Gushiken Architectural Engineering (GAE) Co., Ltd. is a design firm to provide comrehensive design services as a team of professionals cultivating the frontier of the environmental design field including survey, planning and consulting services centered on design and supervision to create architectural structures and surrounding communities.

Firmly keeping independence, the most important asset for a design firm, the firm has constantly employed state of the art techniques, attempted to maintain and develop our organization, and struggled to provide high value services as your partner since 1958.

We are hoping to bring you and Okinawa bright future in the same way as before.

Summary of Services

GAE is capable to meet various architectural needs and provide a wide range of design services without restricting its business range only to architectural design. Our unique and talented engineers in various disciplines can give you best proposals to ensure high quality and security. Our firm has an excellent and rich human resource capable not only to accomplish projects within itself but also to provide deliberate coordination and quick response and solution unlike other companies.

GAE has involved with many projects including not only design and investigation projects for public and private facilities in Okinawa but also those in other parts of Japan and overseas. We will keep challenging in different locations to provide good services

Professional Techniques and Experiences

GAE has accomplished many projects in the various fields in Okinawa such as administration, education, welfare/medicine, state of the art technology/production, commerce, transportation, and urban housing and will make designs based on valuable experiances and state of the art techniques gained through design activities for over 50 years.

We can make a dream come true together with our client by a comprehensive approach from the planning stage to the control and management stage.